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Ohhhhh dear.

So I found my way back to WoW. Again. After a three-month break or so (don't think I played since October), I started on a new server since all my buddies on the old one have mysteriously vanished in the course of those months. I keep checking in and ogling my friends list, but alas. No buddies =/ There's one in particular I'm sad about losing touch with but it's my fault for just randomly disappearing.

Started a mage for the bajillionth time because I am DEAD SET on liking the pewpew, damnit. And mage is fun, but I don't know, something about a pure DPS character bores me to death eventually. There's nothing to do. My previous main was a paladin, main specc tank and healer as off-spec. You have to be alert in both those roles. You have to concentrate (well, depending on your group) and there's usually something to occupy the mind. With pure DPS there's nothing to really think about. You just hit your abilities/spells and thats that. That's really why I got bored with my rogue, too.

So, the mage is still there and I feel moderately guilty for not playing it since I actually joined a guild with her, but eh. Y'know. I started a DK tank and well. It's WAY more fun. A lot harder to tank a DK than with a paladin though. And since the server I play on now has low pop, it's very hard to get decent gear, Granted, it doesn't matter so much just yet (I'm not even level 70 yet) but for some reason it irritates me. So I'm doing blacksmithing and playing catch-up (which I hate, btw) and trying to grind my way quickly to the Good Stuff.

I have the worst timing with getting involved with WoW, though. But it's all good. I play with a good friend with whom I've not played any game with for a looooonnnng time and it's really nice. We even RP! Haha. Yes. But it's fun :)  Sometimes when we RP people stop and sort of stare at us for a moment, then run off. I imagine they go "AAAAHHHH roleplayers in my WoW NOES!"

Anywho. I should vacuum.

Johnny <3

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Okay, I just woke up from a nap and I have to write down this dream so I will never ever forget it because OMFG.

There was Johnny Depp and there was me. In the dream I was more similar to Amanda Palmer than I was to myself but it was supposed to be me. Johnny was in a band whose name I sadly cannot remember now even though I saw it printed on a poster. Something with P. I was occasionally fronted as vocalist during their shows and such but wasn't an actual part of the band, nor did I have a record deal or anything.

The dream started, I think, with us being at some after-party type even post a show we had done and I wore a cute but cool ensemble with black stockings and a short-ish skirt. There were tables with chairs put up on them in what was similar to a ballroom. Johnny wore some 40's inpsired pants with suspenders, a shirt and a hat and looked somewhat like he did in Secret Window (actually he looked fairly similar to how he does in my userpicture). In an earlier conversation I had claimed that I sucked at dancing and so I stuck to singing. Someone was challenging me to take part in a dance (can't remember the name anymore I'm afraid...) and I adamantly persisted I didn't even know the steps.

Johnny stepped out on the floor and held a hand out to me and offered to show how it was done. The dance started with a pirouette, whether for show and fun or because it was part of the dance I'm not sure. My skirt billowed up merrily as I swooshed around and I realized people were laughing. I quickly stopped and smoothed the skirt down, deathly embarrassed but, this being a dream and me being modeled on Amanda Palmer, I played it off cool and walked in an exaggerated slow circle instead, Johnny doing the same. Then he took my hand again and lead me at break-neck speed through the dance, covering every inch of the floor, and me giggling like a mad-person all the while.

Afterward, while discussing why my underwear had owls on them, we went to an ice-cream bar or cafè or whatever you want to call it. At this point it was abundantly clear I had a massive crush on Johnny and didn't want him to find out. I saw the previously mentioned poster and lamented that I wish I was a part of something, that I wasn't just the guest act of another established band. I said: "I'm 30-something, the exact number hardly matters, and it's about time it actually happens or I drop it. Time to grow up." And then I peeked over the counter of the bar (I retained my RL height in the dream, apparently) and ordered a vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. I grinned at Johnny and we agreed I would never grow up anyway. I also ordered cola, and as Johnny went to get a table for us the very jealous girl behind the counter hissed at me: "Is that -him-?!". I grinned, shrugged, turned to join Johnny but spilled my cola. Of course. I went back and got another one, went over to Johnny, grinned stupidly....

And woke up.

Sparrow // *Screams*

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Heh. Yeah, nevermind that. I am very sick - head cold and I'm running a fever. Nearly blacked out earlier today... Probably a combination of no sleep and no food. Was quite frightening, actually.

On top of this, Niko (my cat) is sick as well. Urinary tract infection. Had to rush him to the vet today (which is where I nearly lost consciousness) and he's to be on antibiotics for three weeks and a special diet for four weeks. It all cost an arm and a leg - so much for putting money aside this month. 2500 NOK including the meds. That's one month's rent for me...

Let's just say, I don't have my hopes up for 2010! 

Now help me pray the cat pees so I won't have to go back and give the vet my other arm too...
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Ahahaha... XD

So curiosity got the better of me and I checked out a random episode of Bleach dubbed to English. Pretty loltastic of course, but the thing that really broke me was Ichigo and Ishida bickering:

Ichigo: "You've been acting pretty high and mighty ever since we got here."
Ishida: "That's not true. I'm just trying to keep us alive for a few more minutes."
Ichigo: "Well excuuuuuse me!" 

I have been slain XD Worst part is it wouldn't even have been -that- out of character for Ichigo to add "Princess" to that.

Edit: For those who might not get why I was cracking up, this is why:
Scissorhands // Emo

Me, Myself & I

Holy Comments, Batman!

Hokay so instead of rambling in assorted comments I figured it was easier (and neater) to just make a new entry. Which of course you can comment on! I appreciate the debate, even though I might not agree. So, another rambly novel for your (dis?)pleasure: 

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*Glances up at all the words* Right. Um, well. The point of this post was to specify how I view depression, and I why I think it's disrespectful to not only label it as something selfish and imply it's a condition we're in full control over, but also to just toss the word around with little care to the "true" meaning of it.

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Sometimes, I wish there was a way to slap someone through the intertubes.

There's a webcomic I frequent, and which I like a lot. Up until today, I respected the artits and writers very much. Occasionally said writers or artists blog about whatever is on their mind. Occasionally, I bother to read it. Today I did, and I don't think I should have.

The artist was blogging about how these major catastrophic events in the world -- like the current crisis in Haiti -- can lead us to feeling overwhelmed and depressed. His comment on depression is what ruffles my feathers:

"Depression is a very selfish place where you dig yourself a hole and crawl in face first.


I sincerely doubt this person has ever been depressed in the true meaning of the word, or known someone that has. I can't imagine someone that is personally familiar with the disorder would say something so staggeringly ignorant. This statement implies that being depressed is a conscious choice. If you are diagnosed with depression (clinical depression or any variety thereof), you do not have a choice to just... not be depressed.

Not that this is news to anyone, but I am depressed. I've been diagnosed. I'm constantly told to "cheer up" or "look at the bright side", and I'm advised not to let things "get to me". In my opinion that's like telling someone with a pneumonia not to fucking cough and just try to breathe normally. Or telling someone with a broken leg they should try limping less. If you're depressed, there's only so much you can do about it without therapy, constant support or perhaps drugs. The whole point that we seek someone out for help, and then get diagnosed, is because we can't climb out of that self-pitying hole on our own. Most people do not enjoy being depressed.

That's another thing that pisses me off, and something I suspect this person is doing, and that is mistaking depression for feelings of sadness and glumness. Everyone feels sad and glum and tired sometimes. That's human, that's not depression. It provokes me when I hear friends say "I feel so depressed" when I know they mean they're having a bad day and feeling down. Now I'm not arguing negative emotions cannot be experienced by persons who are not depressed - of course they can. But it triggers something in me when it's deliberately called something it's not. The same goes for someone complaining of a migraine when it's just a headache. Or saying they have the flu when it's a cold.

Call me anal. Go ahead.

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I finished Stardust earlier today, by Neil Gaiman. I fell in love with his writing reading American Gods. Then I moved on to devour Neverwhere, Good Omens (a collaboration with Terry Pratchett), The Graveyard Book and now Stardust. I've seen Mirror Mask, which he wrote the screenplay for and while I have not yet read Coraline, I've seen the film. I've by no means read everything he's published but I've read enough to love his prose and his imagination.

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I've seen the movie Stardust which I think was very good. Sweet, funny and intriguing and, I have to say, making something far more interesting out of the characters from the book. It's most definitely a chick-flick fantasy but it's done well. The book is a young adult fairy tale that isn't. Unfortunately.
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