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Okay, I just woke up from a nap and I have to write down this dream so I will never ever forget it because OMFG.

There was Johnny Depp and there was me. In the dream I was more similar to Amanda Palmer than I was to myself but it was supposed to be me. Johnny was in a band whose name I sadly cannot remember now even though I saw it printed on a poster. Something with P. I was occasionally fronted as vocalist during their shows and such but wasn't an actual part of the band, nor did I have a record deal or anything.

The dream started, I think, with us being at some after-party type even post a show we had done and I wore a cute but cool ensemble with black stockings and a short-ish skirt. There were tables with chairs put up on them in what was similar to a ballroom. Johnny wore some 40's inpsired pants with suspenders, a shirt and a hat and looked somewhat like he did in Secret Window (actually he looked fairly similar to how he does in my userpicture). In an earlier conversation I had claimed that I sucked at dancing and so I stuck to singing. Someone was challenging me to take part in a dance (can't remember the name anymore I'm afraid...) and I adamantly persisted I didn't even know the steps.

Johnny stepped out on the floor and held a hand out to me and offered to show how it was done. The dance started with a pirouette, whether for show and fun or because it was part of the dance I'm not sure. My skirt billowed up merrily as I swooshed around and I realized people were laughing. I quickly stopped and smoothed the skirt down, deathly embarrassed but, this being a dream and me being modeled on Amanda Palmer, I played it off cool and walked in an exaggerated slow circle instead, Johnny doing the same. Then he took my hand again and lead me at break-neck speed through the dance, covering every inch of the floor, and me giggling like a mad-person all the while.

Afterward, while discussing why my underwear had owls on them, we went to an ice-cream bar or cafè or whatever you want to call it. At this point it was abundantly clear I had a massive crush on Johnny and didn't want him to find out. I saw the previously mentioned poster and lamented that I wish I was a part of something, that I wasn't just the guest act of another established band. I said: "I'm 30-something, the exact number hardly matters, and it's about time it actually happens or I drop it. Time to grow up." And then I peeked over the counter of the bar (I retained my RL height in the dream, apparently) and ordered a vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. I grinned at Johnny and we agreed I would never grow up anyway. I also ordered cola, and as Johnny went to get a table for us the very jealous girl behind the counter hissed at me: "Is that -him-?!". I grinned, shrugged, turned to join Johnny but spilled my cola. Of course. I went back and got another one, went over to Johnny, grinned stupidly....

And woke up.

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