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Ohhhhh dear.

So I found my way back to WoW. Again. After a three-month break or so (don't think I played since October), I started on a new server since all my buddies on the old one have mysteriously vanished in the course of those months. I keep checking in and ogling my friends list, but alas. No buddies =/ There's one in particular I'm sad about losing touch with but it's my fault for just randomly disappearing.

Started a mage for the bajillionth time because I am DEAD SET on liking the pewpew, damnit. And mage is fun, but I don't know, something about a pure DPS character bores me to death eventually. There's nothing to do. My previous main was a paladin, main specc tank and healer as off-spec. You have to be alert in both those roles. You have to concentrate (well, depending on your group) and there's usually something to occupy the mind. With pure DPS there's nothing to really think about. You just hit your abilities/spells and thats that. That's really why I got bored with my rogue, too.

So, the mage is still there and I feel moderately guilty for not playing it since I actually joined a guild with her, but eh. Y'know. I started a DK tank and well. It's WAY more fun. A lot harder to tank a DK than with a paladin though. And since the server I play on now has low pop, it's very hard to get decent gear, Granted, it doesn't matter so much just yet (I'm not even level 70 yet) but for some reason it irritates me. So I'm doing blacksmithing and playing catch-up (which I hate, btw) and trying to grind my way quickly to the Good Stuff.

I have the worst timing with getting involved with WoW, though. But it's all good. I play with a good friend with whom I've not played any game with for a looooonnnng time and it's really nice. We even RP! Haha. Yes. But it's fun :)  Sometimes when we RP people stop and sort of stare at us for a moment, then run off. I imagine they go "AAAAHHHH roleplayers in my WoW NOES!"

Anywho. I should vacuum.

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