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I bathed Niko today. Well, it wasn't so much bathing as rubbing him vigorously with a wet rag until he was Porcupine Kitty (tm). I've not done anything to him regarding water before but he was, as with everything else, extremely patient and accepting. I have the nicest cat ever. Spending three weeks at my mom's with her and my stepdad smoking a whole lot, he wasn't smelling too nice. It's a bit better now but I think I'll give him the treatment again tomorrow to get it all.

He seems extremely happy with being back home in the dorm, surprisingly. I spent the past 8 days with my sister in Sweden, and he was extremely restless and upset at mom's without me, she says. Other times when we've returned home after spending some time at mom's with her cats, he's walked around meowing for them and seeming bored. Now he just sleeps and snuggles. I'm glad. Wish he ate more, though.

Writing is going good. I'm very inspired reading the recent posts on Magical Words concerning starting projects and everything. My current project is something I've had in mind for some time (over a year) and worked on sporadically, but enough is enough with this insecurity bullshit. I'm focusing on world building right now though it's a shame I don't have any money. There are several books I want. Need, even, for research purposes. Hopefully that will work out.

We started our online writer's group (still taking people I think!) and we're submitting our first sample next week. I've already got an old small piece picked out, I'll have to look it over and see if it needs some work, though. I'm both excited and nervous. I'm afraid everyone else will be fantastic and blow me away. But hey, we're there to learn, right?

Other things aren't going so well, but I'm sick of talking about emo crap on this journal so unless it's something I just have to get off my chest I'm going to keep it for somewhere else. Most, if not all, of you have your own troubles anyway.

Now I'm going to go watch Order of the Phoenix while I'm pondering more world stuff. As an aside; I wonder if I'm the only person on the northern hemisphere who actually enjoys the cold and the snow. Ice is my enemy, but snow and cold are my friends.

Edit: Oh hell, been meaning to ask... Does anyone know somewhere I can watch or download Farscape online? I've not found any good torrents but I might be looking in the wrong place. Thanks.

Writer's Block: Thumbs down!

What are your least favorite book and movie genres? Are you willing to make exceptions? Do you ever feel left out of social events/discussions owing to atypical taste in movies/books?

I'm not very fond of reading or watching the ever so popular 'criminals'. It seems that most of them are exactly the same: someone got killed, some awesome cop/detective/investigator is put on the case, sometimes has a small team within which there's dispute and tension, clues are found, suspects are interrogated, blah blah blah same old shit every time. Not saying there aren't creative solutions to this genre but they are rare and far between. And many of them are poorly written (Dan Brown, anyone?) or executed. Bleh.

Books that are too "real" I don't like either. I don't want to read about a poor kid in the slums of India and I don't want to read about some depressed woman who just lost her child to cancer.

Movies: Nor am I very fond of romantic comedies anymore, unless they're on the quirky, goofy side, like Juno. I love Juno. Musicals are tricky, too. The old action comedies of the 90's don't work anymore either, much. Depends on the humor! Jeez, am I growing up? Heaven forbid.

I'm always willing to make exceptions, though it depends largely on my mood.

Atypical? Eh, I wouldn't say I am for the circle of people I tend to gravitate towards, but I do sometimes feel like a cynical oddball. Could be because I am, but y'know. Mom is always quick to point that out, particularly my choices of books :P
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In an effort to avoid blogging about what's occupying my mind and causing me great distress and anxiety, I'm going to do what my friend Emily is doing a lot recently and blog about writing.

I'm currently staying at my sister's place in Sweden. I don't know why, but it seems I write more easily when I'm not at home, and at someone elses house. Not for a few hours or two days, but a bit longer. The same happened when I stayed with my friend Anna for a couple of weeks in August. I suddenly spat out 7k words in a week (which I think is record for me!).

Last night I decided - or, well, it's been an idea for a while but last night I actually started - to write character biographies/portraits. It has come to my attention more and more as I've been thinking about this novel I want to write, that even though I think the main plot is fairly solid, there's no sub plot. And even though I know the characters fairly well, they're all just kind of following along with the main character for no other reason than me needing secondary characters. Which is bad. So I devote around 1k words to them where I just ramble down where they're from, what's happened to them, what they're like and where they stand just before the novel kicks off. Having this written out might help me develop -their- plots more easily.

I finished one last night, which turned out just over 1300 words. It's not good prose but that's hardly the point. I need to kick myself back into writing and get the words flowing more easily (I've been in a rut of angsting over ever sentence for a while now, wanting everything perfect but everything sounding shit to me), and also get a clearer image of the characters I'm developing. I ran into another problem.


I've always felt that my characters are imperfect. I -know- they are. But am I able to convey this in the text? Am I even able to pinpoint their flaws in single phrases? As it turns out, the answer to the latter is a definite 'no'. So I suppose I need to sit down and browse some words/lists of flaws (I did this recently for an Exalted RPG so it's strange that this comes so hard) and really think this through.

Character bios first, though.

Edit: Oh! Emily and I want to start a writer's forum. Like your average writer's group but online! If anyone wants to join mail or comment to me ;)
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Writer's Block: Tinsel town

Do you put up decorations for the holidays? If so, when do the decorations go up and when do you take them down?

You know, I would. But since I live in such small confined spaces I just don't feel... home. And decorating, to me, is something you do in a place that you love and feel warm and fuzzy in. I don't here, and I didn't as much where I was before either.

Traditionally in Norway, or at least in my family, we start putting up decorations little by little the first Sunday in December. Each Sunday we put up a little more and have christmas-y rituals, like eat ginger bread cookies and drink glögg. We put the tree up for decoration on December 23rd and it goes out the third week of January, I think... I'm not too sure, mom usually gets sick of it and takes it down before. Not because she doesn't love it - she truly does - but after a few weeks with cats dangling around in it, enough is enough ;)

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Jebus. 13 messages in email inbox. That can only mean Facebook notifications. *Checks* Ah, indeed. I knew no one loved me that much! Or wanted my penis enhanced that badly.

So Fox cancelled Dollhouse. Of course they did. I mean, God forbid they send something interesting and out of the mold for longer than a season or a half. They have promised to start sending the 9 episodes left of Season 2 back-to-back come December, but they declined buying more of them. Sons of bitches, honestly. Whedon, honey, give up on them already. Try another network. Please.

Also, I have once again forgotten all about NaNoWriMo. Every year I go "Oh yeah! I -have- to remember that next year" and the following year I stumble into someone who's writing for it sometime in November and go "*Facepalm* Okay, -next- year..."

Could you guys suggest series for me to watch? I would rather not it be anime though if you have something you really think I should see, I'll make a note of it. Just not in a very anime-esque state of mind nowadays.

P.S I don't much like CSI or NCIS. Mostly because I feel there's extremely little variation in the episodes and I tend to get bored quickly.

Edit: Random addition...

I -love- this man. No, not David. :P

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So yeah, TOTALLY addicted to Dollhouse now. It starts out 'meh', but it sure does pick up! 


Does anyone have some tips on what I can make for cheap but tasty dinners? I'm trying to put down a menu for a week or fortnight and running low on ideas. Throw 'em at me! 

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Holy crap what a horrible horrible day. Jesus. I can only hope the evening won't be as bad. Of course, it doesn't help that I finally got my period today, two weeks late, hormones assaulting me like an army of little soliders with tiny swords that sting and prickle rather than actually hurt but it's enough to severly irritate and cause a fairly foul state of mind.

Anyway, have a song I like.

Vienna Teng "Nothing Without You"

It's the quiet night that breaks me.
I cannot stand the sight of this familiar place.
It's the quiet night that breaks me, like a dozen papercuts that only I can trace.
All my books are lying useless now.
All my maps will only show me how to lose my way.

Oh call my name.
You know my name.
And in that sound, everything will change.
Tell me it won't always be this hard.
I am nothing without you, but I don't know who you are.

It's the crowded room that breaks me:
Everybody looks so luminous, and strangely young.
It's the crowded room that's never heard.
No one here can say a word of my native tongue.
I can't be among them anymore.
I fold myself away before it burns me numb.

Oh call my name.
You know my name.
And in your love, everything will change.
Tell me it won't always be this hard.
I am nothing without you, but I don't know who you are.

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Warning: Buffy, Angel Spoilers

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love Firefly. I really want to start watching Doll House. I think Joss Whedon is a genius. But Angel just never clicked with me. Neither did Buffy back when I was supposedly the right age for the target audience, so I figured I'd give Angel another go since I only recently discovered Buffy rules. Through cheesy one-liners and far-fetched combat, but it still rules.

I think I know why Angel never clicked with me. I don't like the character Angel, so it only makes sense I wouldn't like a show all about him. He's a whiny supposed-to-be-badass vampire who hates what he is. Kind of like Anne Rice's Louis, but with zero charisma. And I -really- can't stand the fact that Angel is supposed to be very handsome. And they cast David Boreanz? I... no. Just no. So I can't really take the character seriously (with the constant references to the tall, dark and handsome bit) when I, frankly, find him very unattractive. The whining not improving matters. Was the character of Angel really that popular? If yes... WHY? Usually when he was in danger and Buffy was freaking out to save him, I would just shrug and want it all over with. He's a boring character.

Why didn't they kill him off and have a TV show with Spike instead? Even after he got his soul back he was more interesting. Also slightly whiny, but still interesting!

I have the same problem with Vampire Bill from True Blood. I've read the first book, Dead Until Dark, and I'm not overly inspired to read the rest. One word: Elvis.

Anyway, my point was, Vampire Bill is supposed to be a very attractive, tall dark and handsome kind of vampire as well. Which barely works in the book (maybe because I had seen the TV show before I read it, I guess), but it definitely doesn't work for me on the screen. Why did they cast this guy? I'm not saying he's a poor actor or anything, but visually, he doesn't fit the part! Sookie (and several others) are all weak at the knees at Vampire Bill, but they snort at Erik Northman?
Is there something wrong with my glasses here?




 To the left: Eric Northman 
To the right: Vampire Bill

Seriously now. Those here who know me know I'm aaaall for the tall, dark and handsome. But I think these people need some help grasping the concept. Typically I don't even like blondes, but Eric can chain me in his basement and ravage me wheneeeever he likes.

Yes, I know my interest in vampires is, uh... above average. Everyone has a Prince Charming. Mine happens to have sharp fangs, pale skin and no pulse.